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Sales Enablement

Develop high-performing sales teams that work in-sync with marketing

Sales teams achieve more and perform better when supported by marketing, not when they work in silos.

Sales Enablement is the process of building internal processes and systems that align sales and marketing, promote the sharing of information, and unify them towards a common goal.

Sales teams perform best when aligned with marketing

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is the process of providing sales teams with the data, information, tools, skills and resources they need to close more deals. For most businesses, this comes from the creation of internal processes and systems that feed marketing data to the sales team and back again, creating an ecosystem designed to grow revenue.

For marketing, it's about creating resources such as videos, blogs and product guides that the sales reps need when interacting with customers.

For sales, it's about communicating with marketing as to their needs and the type of content potential customers want, but don't yet have access to.

In this way, both sales and marketing are responsible for owning the sales enablement strategy.

What does the Sales Enablement process look like?

Our first goal is to understand your sales process - when do they over a lead? How do they interact with them? What scripts do they use? How long is the buying cycle?

Once we understand this, we jump over to marketing to get an idea of how they are attracting leads and how they are handed over to the sales team.

Once we have the complete picture, we can easily identify gaps and areas for improvement.

A core service we offer is building and optimising CRMs to the benefit of both marketing and sales. Access to up-to-date, complete data is beneficial to both teams, and plays an important role in growing revenue.

Who should be focusing on Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is perfect for any business who does person-to-person selling across any medium - phone, email even chat. Enabling sales team to perform at the highest level should be a focus for all business leaders, even if you only have a single sales rep.

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