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Customer Acquisition

Turn strangers into customers with a high-performance sales funnel

Most small businesses rely on new revenue for growth. While it is important to capitalise and existing customers and encourage repeat purchases, the ability to bring in new customers is crucial to the growth of any small business.

Our Customer Acquisition services focuses on building holistic, multi-channel marketing campaigns and sales funnels that aim to build a relationship, turning any visitor into a customer.

Grow your business by acquiring new customers

What is Customer Acquisition?

Customer Acquisition is the process of turning a stranger into a customer. Once you've attracted a visitor to your website, it involves mapping out the customer journey, understanding all the touchpoints required before enough trust is built for a purchase to be made. For some, this is a simple process and involves website optimisation; for others it's about building a complex, multi-channel campaign designed to build a relationship.

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Broadly speaking, Customer Acquisition includes the following:

Email Marketing

Sales Funnels

AB Testing

Website Optimisation

What does the Customer Acquisition process look like?

Once you've got a high-performance, well maintained traffic engine that is bringing visitors to your website at sustainable volumes, you need to focus on turning these visitors into customers.

To do this, we focus on mapping out the journey your customer takes from visit to purchase. For some businesses, this is a simple journey where a visitor can purchase from your website. In these cases we look to optimise your website by diving into the analytics and understanding any points of friction and correcting them.

For other businesses, particularly B2B, the buying process is more complex and takes time, trust and a relationship before you can sign a new customer. For these clients we map out a complex customer journey to understand all the customer touchpoints and develop a comprehensive, multi-channel sales funnel that integrates each one into a holistic campaign.

Who should be focusing on Customer Acquisition?

While it is true that almost all businesses can stand to bring in new customers, for some success is simply about finding a way to increase the lifetime value of their existing customers.

Customer Acquisition should be a priority for businesses who offer single-purchase products and services. In these cases, growing revenue is all about volume; more customers means more revenue.

Customer Acquisition is also important for businesses with low customer lifetime value, such as SaaS companies who charge a small amount for a monthly subscription. Again, in this case more volume of customers leads to greater revenue.

Most small businesses require a combination of new customers and repeat purchases to grow - you want to make the most of existing customers while also looking to bring in new ones. Our Customer Acquisition services do exactly that - drive new customers and help you increase the lifetime value of existing ones.

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