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 Simplifying marketing. Growing profits

We believe that unrivaled business growth comes only when you find the core activities that will drive success, and pursue them relentlessly.

We're On a Mission.....

Our Mission

To give small business owners everything they need to increase their revenue and achieve unrivaled growth while simultaneously freeing up their time to live life on their own terms.

Our Vision

We exist to help find the essential marketing, sales and growth strategies, tactics and activities that will drive your business success. Underpinning all we do is the desire to educate small business owners about what tactics they should be pursuing, and which ones to set aside.

Through a carefully created framework and set of criteria, we can identify the marketing and sales strategies, tactics and channels with the highest potential for success, and with the minimum amount of effort, leaving you more time to focus on what you love, while growing your business and revenue

What's a FocusHawk?

Odd name, right? There's a reason for that....

Our name, just like our approach to marketing, is unique. 

Like the hawk that soars above the field, taking in it's full environment, we start our work with every client by taking a step back to look at the bigger picture. While your immediate needs might be lead generation, we aren't doing our job properly if we don't look at every aspect of your business and find new ways for you to grow and achieve your goals.

Once we've done a top-down, holistic review of your business, we zoom in on the areas that will have the greatest impact on revenue. We focus in on the strategies, tactics and channels perfect for your unique situation.

Meet the Founder

Hey, I'm Brock Ashton and I started FocusHawk Digital after working in marketing for almost 10 years because I could see there was a need to do things differently.

I've taken my skills and knowledge from working in marketing agencies and small businesses, working in both B2B and B2C, and built a growth agency designed specifically for small businesses, no matter what stage of growth they are in.

With access to a range of specialists such as web developers, graphic designers and copywriters, we prioritise value for money and results for our clients over everything else. Our flexible delivery options also mean clients have total control over how their marketing is run.

B. Commerce | University of Wollongong 

Master of Strategic Marketing | University of Wollongong


Our Offering

Small Business Growth Marketing

We specialise in crafting holistic marketing strategies that hone in on the exact needs of each individual business - we don’t believe in a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach.

We look at all aspects of your business, not just your sales and marketing, to help identify areas for growth and improvement. Don’t think of us as your marketing agency, think of us as your growth partner.

HubSpot Partner

Your Technology Partner

HubSpot is the world’s leading all-in-one inbound growth platform. Covering all major aspects of a solid marketing and sales technology stack, as a HubSpot partner we are well-placed to get you up and running with industry-leading technology.

Book a Demo to see how HubSpot can work for you.

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