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Small Business Growth, Simplified

Unlock tailored insights into the exact needs of your small business so that you can focus on the digital marketing and growth activities guaranteed to impact your bottom line.

Get our guide for sustainable, long-term business growth

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Your Experts in Digital Marketing & Business Growth

From lead generation to sales enablement and everything in between - we've got digital marketing for small business covered!

Lead Generation
Let us build you a traffic engine that drives sustainable, long-term growth on auto-pilot
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Customer Acquisition
Customer Acquisition
We’ll create a sales funnel that gets cold leads ready to purchase
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Conversion Rate Optimisation
Conversion Rate Optimisation
We are experts at optimising your website to generate more leads and close more customers
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Sales Enablement
Sales Enablement
Get a CRM that ensures marketing and sales are working towards the same growth goal
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Your Small Business Growth Partner

"At FocusHawk Digital, we believe that unrivaled business growth comes only when you find the core activities that will drive success, and pursue them relentlessly."

- Brock Ashton, Founder of FocusHawk Digital

Growth Blueprint

Our Signature Small Business Offering

The Growth Blueprint, the result of years of managing marketing campaigns, is perfect for startups and small businesses of any size looking to grow through sales and marketing, while also keeping an eye on the budget.

The Growth Blueprint breaks down the complex world of marketing and sales into an easy to follow document, complete with a 12 month action plan, taking the guesswork out of your digital marketing efforts.

We even offer flexible delivery options from done-for-you right through to do-it-yourself and coaching.

Growth Blueprint - a digital marketing services product
Inbound marketing delivered by a Sydney-based small business marketing agency

Inbound Marketing

Data-Driven Lead Generation and Growth

When it comes to generating leads at scale, acquiring the perfect customers and skyrocketing user engagement, few strategies come close to inbound marketing.

With an emphasis on customer centricity and making data-enabled decisions, inbound marketing is all about being helpful and human.

As a HubSpot Solutions Partner we can not only build your inbound strategy, we can also get your business on the all-in-one growth platform, aligning marketing, sales and customer service to the same goal - growing your business and delighting your customers.

Small Business Growth Essentials Course

Launching Soon!

Currently in development, our Small Business Growth Essentials Course is the only small business marketing course you'll need to complete this year!

Covering all aspects of growing your business - from attracting visitors right through to converting customers - this course will not only give you a solid understanding of the fundamentals of marketing, but will also break down advanced strategies and tactics in an easy to implement way, complete with a wealth of additional resources, guides and templates.

Small Business Growth Essentials Course

We're Different From Other Digital Marketing Agencies

Essentialism Marketing - Our Unique Approach to Small Business Growth

Our approach to helping start-ups and small businesses grow is all about two things: simplicity & alignment.

Our philosophy is something we like to call Essentialism Marketing - a combination of Minimalism, Growth Hacking and Growth Loops.

It's a unique approach to marketing and sales that emphasises simplicity and pursuing only a small number of strategies, but supercharging them through continual testing, optimising and improving until we've built a sales and marketing system that is not only self-sustaining, but can operate almost on autopilot.

We are also experts at enabling sales and marketing teams to work together seamlessly, building CRMs that focus on the cross-team flow of data and information, and aligning both departments towards the common goal of business growth.

essentialism marketing explaination diagram

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